Mental Health Professionals compared

Both counselling and psychotherapy are ‘talking therapies’.

 Counsellors enable clients  to work through their issues which would be over a relatively short time span.

Psychotherapists assist clients deal with issues that require a more in depth approach over a longer time frame.

Neither of these therapists are allowed to make a formal diagnosis

It is important to note that due to the nature of the mental health system in Australia, that anyone can legally operate as and say they are, a counsellor and or a psychotherapist without any knowledge, experience, training or qualification.

Psychologists may offer counselling after completing an extra course however they tend to assist with more severe mental health problems.

Psychiatrists are medical specialist Doctors who also help with the more severe mental health issues and can also prescribe medication

Both Psychologist & Psychiatric services are claimable from Medicare and therefore a Mental Health Care Plan can be utilized.